Monday, March 24, 2014

Next Student Project

I spent a bit of time this last weekend looking for a new project for beginning glass students.  
Change is good ! 
Nothing wrong with the old project it was just time for a change. 
A nice oval landscape with the sun setting over some small hills and a stream in the foreground. It has all the necessary things for a beginning class: straight lines, inside curves, outside curves, and some random wavy lines. 
All the things a beginning student needs 
to learn to cut and foil.

I went ahead and made the project to judge the timing for a class. With a bit of nice glass it cleans up well don't you think?  A piece the students will be proud to show..."I made this in class ! " (big smile) 

Just so you know, the next beginning class is Saturday, April 25th from 9am to around 5 pm.
The investment is only $125.00 with everything included except lunch. You do not need to purchase glass or tools to take the class! 
This is a real savings for you.
You may sign up in the sidebar with the Paypal link.

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