Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Panels

A lot of work around the studio in these last few weeks. 
Several panels to turn out for clients, restock the sales site, make small inexpensive pieces for advertising (the First Fridays that I mentioned in an earlier post), and getting a few more done for Etsy.
I may need to get myself cloned just to keep up with the demand.
Don't get me wrong...this is a good thing..I would 
much rather stay busy than sit around the studio and do nothing.
After all, if there was no work...I might even have to clean the studio and destroy my finely put together clutter.   lol

So, here are a couple of images of the new Etsy panels.
They are 9 1/2" square, copper foiled as is almost all my work, and framed in zinc both for looks and strength.
The red panel is water glass from Spectrum.
The gold panel is an old Vertigo glass made by Kokomo.
The center surround is glue chip...what we used to call "Jack Frost" Glass since it resembles frost on a window.

And Yes, they are available on Etsy...see the sidebar.

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