Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stained Glass Spring Project

A few weeks ago I posted some photos of my work area. On the project board at that time was the beginning of this Stained Glass Spring Project. I wanted to create a panel that would reflect the idea of spring. The feelings and the colors that we experience in spring time. A feeling of new growth coming from the darkness of winter, of new life breaking through as the warmth of the sun returns.
It has spent a lot of time on the table, off the table, being looked at, being changed around, being slightly re-designed, and has even had the occasional adult word or two used in its direction.
Where to place the to  balance the positive and negative space...what size globs.....etc. 
The interior bevels are done in clear, pale blue, and a pale green to reflect the spring season. The globs range from a rich cobalt blue, green, light blue, to a iridescent clear....a reminder of the budding trees and flowers of spring time.
Each piece is first ground, darkened, and then wrapped in copper foil and placed in its proper location. A bit over 1 1/2 lbs of solder was needed to provide the negative space. The solder was then darkened with a rich patina so that the glass globs seem to "bloom" from the darkness. 
The entire panel was then surrounded with clear bevels to allow 
the "sun to shine in" and bring the change of season. 
The finished, zinc surrounded, panel is 10" X 20" and weighs in at almost 4 pounds!  Tell me what you think...

Yes, it will be available for sale on my Etsy site...see the right sidebar.


  1. Steve,
    Beautiful finished work.
    You have been busy in the glass workshop this Spring.
    The prices on stained glass are low considering the amount of time and detail in the finished work.

  2. Hi Charles,
    Glad that you like the work. This last one has been quite a challenge.
    It has been a busy spring here in the glass studio and it does not appear to be letting up any time soon....which is good.


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