Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amber Waterglass Panel

I was sitting around thinking about all the things
I could do with the new box of bevels that just
arrived.  I just love sales, don't you?
Anyway, I now have a lot of different sized
bevels and was looking for ways to use them.
A bit of Waterglass in a rich amber...
and a lot of new bevels.
Yes, it is on my Etsy site for sale.   Enjoy!!


  1. Steve,
    It looks like you have solved the image background lighting.
    You appear to be busier than ever with all of the stained glass works.
    I am happy with my stained glass panel. It looks good in the window in the morning sunlight.

  2. Hey Charles,
    Nice to see you on the blog.
    Yep, I have solved the photo problem...a bit of home made kit solved it.
    Glad that you are happy with your panel and that it brightens your mornings.


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