Welcome to my glass studio.  I create a wide variety of Tiffany Style Glass Art.
My location, surrounded by state parks, in Southwestern Ohio gives me
great inspiration to create a wide range of original works.

I have found, as an artist, that some of the most beautiful and
spiritual spots in the world are an easy drive from my location in Xenia, Ohio.
The power of nature; subtle, dynamic, both creative and
deconstructive has always fascinated and inspired me.
From the rolling hills of southern Ohio to the Great Smoky Mountains:
the misty mornings,  the soft warm hazy air, the first chill of autumn
with the crunch of leaves underfoot,  all these things have contributed
too many decades of my landscape photography and stained glass art.

The current work I have been doing in the flat glass medium
is inspired by the gentle and beautiful landscapes of
Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee.
The works express my personal vision:
that all things in nature have a spirit,
a unique energy of sorts,
and that all things are in some way connected.
Glass is the perfect medium for this exploration
since it has an almost mystical quality about it.
It is, after all, a liquid that thinks it is a solid.
Its mood is very changeable with the changing light.
It is active and dynamic one-minute becoming
subtle and soft in the next moment.
The piece of glass hanging in your window
will change with the seasons and the light
creating a new experience for you each time
it comes into view.

Stephen Carl Glass Art Studio
975 N. Monroe Drive
Xenia, Ohio 45385

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