Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stained Glass Classes


Beginning Stained Glass:
You know that you have always wanted to learn to work with stained glass. To create a panel or a piece of fine art. Now you have the chance! This class will teach you how to layout, cut, and assemble your own stained glass panel using the Tiffany inspired copper foil method.
Given once a month, from 9:30 AM to about 5 PM on a Saturday, this day long class is a great chance to learn the basics of creating with stained glass.  
The investment of only $125.00 covers everything, except your lunch.
You will leave with a finished, ready to hang, glass panel and a lot of new knowledge. 
Come and join the fun.  See the Paypal button in the sidebar for the date and to sign up.

More classes are on the this space !

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Owl Bevel

The Christmas rush is in full swing and has been since before Thanksgiving.
We have been buried in snow and ice around here for a week. Making it more difficult to get items shipped or to make local deliveries.
Ah, the joys of a retail business.

So, not a new item today but a bevel panel that I made years ago.

It has assumed its new place in the family room with dignity and grace.
This morning the sunrise was just beginning and spot lighted it.
I just had to take a photo and share it.

You may have noticed the Etsy listing in the sidebar is active again.

If you see anything you like please feel free to order.

Merry Christmas To All !!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Furnace

A new gas furnace now resides in the glass shop.
After trying all the latest electric and infra-red heaters
and freezing my glass off, I bit the wallet and had the
gas furnace installed.  
Ah, a nice cozy, warm space.
Now I can get back to work on the back up of orders
and start the classes going once again.
Watch this space for class times and information.
This is a detail form a panel I made for the client's
dinning room window which is decorated in 
the arts and crafts style.