Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hanging Around

WOW!   Have things ever been busy around here.
So many places to be, panels to make, orders to
deliver, and designs to draw up. 
Panels for weddings, panels for anniversary, panels for fun, and just to fill window space with color and great prism effects.

It has  been a very busy June. 
Now the rush has slowed down a bit and 
I can get back to this blog.
The photo shows some of the panels about to go out for delivery.
Now, they are all gone and the new owners are able to enjoy them.


  1. Steve,
    You have been busy.
    Are you locked in the studio?

  2. Hi Charles,
    For the last month it has seemed like I have been locked in the studio. Between the custom orders and restocking my sales outlets I have not gotten out much.
    Maybe it is time for a road trip...


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